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Hyster enjoys a different relationship with all our clients. We try to create total customer satisfaction created through world class manufacturing. Our objective is to foresee the needs of every customer in addition to address them with forklifts that deliver the value, the performance and the dependability that they truly demand.

Hyster fully believes in starting with the client. The company performs annual focus groups and offers on-going voice of customer research which is conducted both online and in the field. We have more than 400 design engineers to translate that input into intelligent designs by implementing our thorough review gate process. Advanced tools and virtual prototype builds help ensure the best machine practices come together. Other advanced tools like for example virtual prototype builds and dynamic modeling help to shorten our product development cycle. We enjoy giving our customers a competitive edge.

So as to guarantee the lowest cost of ownership and total reliability all of Hyster's machines are subjected to virtual, physical and environmental tests. Not only do we test against our own standards, but we are continually testing against the competition's products as well. Our final tests take place in real-world customer applications in order to make sure that our products have met our strict standards.

Demand-Flow Manufacturing That is Smart and Lean
Our world-class manufacturing at Hyster is driven by DFT or Demand Flow Technology. Every aspect of plant operation is driven by DFT lean manufacturing principals toward a single objective: to provide total customer satisfaction and flawless quality 100% of the time, all the time.

Total Quality Each and Every Time
To initiate quality from the beginning, Hyster utilizes an integrated MES or Manufacturing Execution System. The job of the MES is to manage the flow of production. The MES coordinates line activities such as quality verification and part sequencing. It also uses torque tools and quality gates to prevent less than perfect assemblies from continuing down the line. Hyster holds random audits in each shift. These audits really hold each worker responsible for consistent quality, combined with the 5s workplace organization in place to help us accomplish it.

As standard with all our products, Hyster provides a wide variety of features. The corporation has remained fully devoted to its key focus on both safety and quality, on being innovative each and every time, and by providing several of the best material handling machines on the market. These are only some of the reasons why Hyster has become a leader within the industry.

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