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For more than 4 decades, Toyota has been amongst the leading dealers of innovative forklifts in the industry. Up to date, the company has sold over 1 million lift trucks. The company has earned a solid reputation and has many satisfied customers in over 200 nations all around the globe.

Toyota prides itself on its complete devotion and commitment to excellence within each and every phase of its operation. This type of commitment has made it possible for the achievements the business has made through the years. Toyota is totally 100 percent devoted to providing all their customers with complete excellence, from the beginning of the designing process to the continuous product development process and to the customer service provided after completing the sale.

Toyota Forklift Quality Circles were first implemented at the Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing facility situated in Columbus, Indiana. The Quality Circles program empowers Toyota staff that make their dedication to excellence their top priority. Each stage of the production process is completed with an utmost care. Each machinery made off the production line is built to suit the excellent standards of the company.

The Toyota Quality Forklift is among the philosophies of Toyota. This idea involves the continual enhancement of both quality and safety on each and every unit. Workers at the Toyota production facilities are always being encouraged to offer "kaizens" or suggestions in order to streamline operations, enhance overall processes and demonstrate further their devotion to the overall product quality. The term "kaizen" means constant improvement and is therefore an important factor in Toyota's dedication to excellence.

The term "kaizen" is often spoken in reference to Toyota's numerous worldwide facilities. This term has become incorporated into the whole Toyota Production System and into the basis of Toyota's worldwide success.

Toyota's high level of commitment and continuous striving forward has enabled Toyota to become a leader in the business of material handling. Toyota takes pride in listening to suggestions from customers and workers alike in order to make innovative and dependable equipment capable of working in even the most extreme settings. Toyota products have become some of the most hard-working and efficient within the business. Companies which prefer Toyota machines often keep buying them in the future because they operate long and hard and can get the job done.

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