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Forklift Parts Gilbert TownThe city of Gilbert, Arizona is located in the states Maricopa County. The city of Gilbert is located just southeast of Phoenix and is part of the Phoenix metropolitan area. The city of Gilbert encompasses around 76 square miles or 197 km2. It has made the fast transformation in recent years from being an agriculture based community to an economically diverse suburban center.

Gilbert has increased it population fairly significantly in the last couple of decades. The 1980 population of the city of Gilbert was 5,717 inhabitants, growing to a massive 208,453 inhabitants, based on 2010 census numbers. The community has become a very educated and highly affluent area supporting high-wage jobs in health services and life science, clean and renewable energy and high technology. It has likewise developed into the corporate and regional headquarters and offices within numerous advanced business services.

The city of Gilbert owes its beginning to William "Bobby" Gilbert. He provided land during 1902 to the Arizona Eastern Railway. This allowed them to construct a rail line between Florence and Phoenix Arizona. In the year 1912, because of the actions of the forces of Pancho Villa, lots of Mormans who had fled the Morman colonies within Mexico chose to settle in Gilbert. During 1915, they started holding church meetings at the Gilbert Elementary School and by 1918 they had organized themselves to become the Gilbert Ward.

The city of Gilbert was known as the "Hay Capital of the World" during much of the early part of the 20th century since the city of Gilbert was mainly an agriculturally based economy in recent years. On par with the population growth within the town, Gilbert has rapidly transitioned to its existing status as being a modern suburb within the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

Gilbert hosts the annual "Gilbert Days" celebration each and every year during late November. This festival spans 3 days that observes the paving of Gilbert Road. Other well-known events in the city of Gilbert include the Hale Centre Theatre, the Riparian Institute, Deer Valley Rock Art Center, Cave Creek, the Gilbert Historical Museum, the Heritage District and the Freestone Park.

The city boast a variety of recreational facilities, with 14 parks, 2 municipal swimming pools and 2 community centers. One of the parks has been dedicated as a skateboard park.

The community offers an abundance of genuine quality of life that translates Gilbert, Arizona into a thriving and diverse community. Gilbert offers a lively variety of experiences intended to feature its natural beauty as well as its cultural diversity and historical and modern amenities.

The Heritage District in the downtown core of Gilbert features an award winning theatre, a distinctive shopping area and various dining opportunities. One more famous attraction is the Gilbert Historical Museum. The Higley Center for the Performing Arts brings a theatrical and artistic flair to the city of Gilbert as well. Gilbert offers open-air entertainment pavilions and shopping like SanTan Village which is complete with live concerts and nationally recognized restaurants.

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