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Forklift Parts Phoenix - The capital city of the state of Arizona is the city of Phoenix. It has a population of more than 1.5 million, making it the sixth largest city by population in the nation and is the country's largest capital. By land area, it is the biggest city in the nation. The Phoenix metropolitan area is called the Valley of the Sun and has a population of about 4.2 million. Phoenix serves as the county seat of Maricopa County.

The Hohokam people were the first residents of what eventually became Phoenix. The original non-native inhabitants established a farming community during the year 1861 near the Salt River. Phoenix was recognized officially as a township in the year 1868, then incorporated as a city in the year 1881. Since the mid-20th Century, much of the region's agricultural lands have been replaced by suburbs because the population has burgeoned.

As both a county seat and a state capital the city of Phoenix has many governmental institutions, which play a major role in the economy and provide significant employment. The state of Arizona and the U.S. military are two of the area's largest sources of jobs. Numerous local people are employed at Luke Air Force Base in the west suburbs of Phoenix. Arizona State University is an asset to Phoenix and is responsible for growing research capacities.

Phoenix has historically dependent on cattle, copper, cotton, citrus and climate, that within the area is referred to as the "5Cs". More recently, the city of Phoenix has diversified its economy from the 5C's to include high-tech and telecommunication sectors. Intel has a large Phoenix labor force, consisting of approximately 10,000 people. Intel makes computer chips in water fabrication plants, some of which are situated within the valley. The head office of Honeywell's Aerospace division are in the city, and a lot of Honeywell's avionics and mechanical facilities are located within the metro area. Seven Fortune 500 companies are located within the city of Phoenix: Allied Waste, Apollo Group, Avnet, Freeport-McMoRan, Pinnacle West and Petsmart.

Golf is a cornerstone of the city's recreation and tourism industries. The warm winter weather attracts tourists and golfers seeking seasonal recreational opportunities. The city of Phoenix likewise has the following sectors: utilities, trade and transportation; professional and business services; health and educational services; hospitality and leisure; financial services; and manufacturing.

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