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Cascade Clamp

Cascade Clamp

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Cascade Clamps - Founded in Portland, Oregon in the year 1943, the Cascade Manufacturing Company began as a small machine store hiring just four individuals. Overall sales for that year amounted to about $60,000. The very first recorded sales revenues involved the assembly and machining of stainless-steel pipe fittings, valves and various components. Throughout 5 years of operation, the company had stretched to forty workers and their annual sales volume had increased to three hundred thirty thousand dollars. At present, Cascade is one of the leading worldwide makers in the material handling industry.

Design and manufacturing of the company's original hydraulic cylinder allowed this new business to aggressively engage in new business opportunities. All through the final 60 years, the business of material handling has developed into a really complex area with Cascade proudly playing a part in its development. Cascade currently continues to grow as the premier provider of lift truck attachments and numerous related items. The company feels assured in their ability in order to continue to lead the way in the business by understanding customer's needs in the future and remaining aggressive within the world market.

All through the nineteen fifties, Cascade started to manufacture, design, and promote its hydraulic accessories. A brand new facility was made in the year 1956, to be able to accommodate all the plant operations and offices in Portland, Oregon, which is still the company's present head office. Subsequent to fifteen years of business, total employees reached a hundred and eighty workers and sales had reached nearly two million three hundred thousand dollars.

The next production plant was built in the year 1959 in Springfield, Ohio. nineteen sixty marked Cascade's initial move into the international world of the material handling industry as the company established interest in England, Australia, and the Netherlands.

In the year 1964, the business altered its name to the Cascade Corporation. Afterward in the year 1965, the business went public with an initial offering of two hundred thousand shares of common stock. Since then the company has expanded its manufacturing facilities throughout the continental US to the locations Warner Robins Georgia to go along with its already existing plants in Springfield, Ohio and Portland, Oregon. Cascade products are manufactured worldwide thanks to numerous subsidiary operations. In the year 1944, a new facility was completed in Almere, the Netherlands which is Cascade's European headquarters. This facility is made to be the essential customer support centre.

Continuing to develop, Cascade expanded their product offering further in 1996 and 1997 with the impressive acquisition of five corporations, together with the international leader in blades, the Kenhar Corporation.

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